Magicshine MJ-900 Front Light

Magicshine MJ-900 Front Light


Another brand new design bike light for 2015 from Magicshine, the Magicshine MJ-900 bike light with a claimed 1200 theoretical lumens, using a Cree XM-L2 LED . This little light really is tiny, but does pack a punch for it's size. We've kept everything as small as possible including the battery especially for the road boys where weight is paramount. The MJ-900 comes with a 2.6Ah 7.4V battery as standard weighing in at 130 grams it will make your commute a synch with very little extra weight to carry! We can't wait for the reviews, to see what the cycling world thinks of this new addition to the Magicshine stable!


Newly designed with advanced cooling through the new thermally managed fins the Magicshine MJ-900 weighs just 55g plus the battery at 130g making a total of 185g with a run time of over 10 hours on the lowest setting! 


A newly shaped 'o' ring makes mounting this light head to your bars even simpler than before.  The battery reverts back to the velcro strap of old, but for such a small battery this works perfectly. 


The MJ-900 comes with a tiny 2.6Ah battery as standard, perfect for keeping weight and costs down. The battery indicator for this light shows red once the battery is below 30% charge. Please note, it does not use the same system as our other lights by turning through the colour changes to indicate 75%, 50% and 25% useage. 

In Use

The MJ-900 makes use of four power levels 100%, 50% 30% and a flashing mode.  These power options are chosen by pressing the button on top of the lighthead and each option is scrolled through including the off position before cycling back to 100%.

Run Time

 The standard 2.6Ah 4.4V battery will give a maximum run time of 2.3hours on full power, with just over 4 hours on 50% power going right up to 10 hours on 30% of power output. 


The Magicshine MJ-900 has a beam angle of 20 degrees,  so slightly wider than the MJ-858, with a thoroughly decent beam throw that much higher priced lights would be envious of. A great little light for the road.

List Price AUD$129.95
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Magicshine MJ-900 Front Light

Light source1×CREE XM-L2
Luminous flux1200LM
Shell materialAluminum alloy and plastic
Surface treatment
SwitchTop Click Switch and wireless remote switch
Working modes
Battery2×18650 Li-ion batteries (7.4V 2.6AH)
Power indicator
Runtime2.6 hours @ 100% brightness